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How I made 100M in one day
This guide is very different than usual methods. 

First, you will have to sign up here:


This site is MMOEarn, a site that rewards gold (both OSRS and RS3) for completing surveys, downloading apps, watching videos, etc.

Once you sign up here you will have to sign up for another site too:


Privacy is a service that allows you to create burner cards for trial sites. These cards can either be set to have a charge limit ($1 or less for example) and be tied to specific merchants OR burner cards which will be destroyed after 2 minutes. Either will work for this.

Now, find high paying offers on MMOEarn that are trials like sign up for our $1 trial and get 400 points. Complete all the trial offers you can find and you will easily be sitting on 100M+ gold.


Right now there is an offer on some of the offer walls called "Wag!". All you have to do is download there app and set up and schedule for your dog to be walk and you will receive over 1000 points just for this offer! *First walk is free and you don't even need to add a credit card so you are losing nothing!

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